Jon Stewart Reveals The Real Reason Fox News Is Covering Spring Break: ‘T&A Footage’

Senior Pop Culture Editor

The Daily Show

Fox News’ coverage/condemnation of SPPRRRRINNNNNGGGGG BBBBRRRREEEAAAKKKKKK might have made sense in the early 1990s, before MTV mocked an entire generation by showing all the fun they were missing in Cancun and all the boats they could have blown up with Limp Bizkit. But not in 2014, when the only people shocked by what’s happening at the Señor Frog’s of the world are, well, I’m not sure exactly.

I wasn’t even sure if Fox News knew why THEY were covering Spring Break, until last night’s Daily Show, when Jon Stewart made sense of the situation: Sean Hannity, “America’s oldest hall monitor,” just wants to see some “wildly inappropriate T&A footage.” Remember, kids, your butt could be ogled by Roger Ailes, too.

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