Jon Stewart Recalls The Time He Cleaned Up The Vomit Of A Punk Rock Legend

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02.20.14 2 Comments

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That long-ago picture of Jon Stewart moshing at a Dead Kennedys show turned out to be an unfortunate fake, but the Daily Show host did grow up on the punk scene, and even bartended at the legendary punk club City Gardens in New Jersey. Stewart talked about those days, and the importance of the now-shuttered City Gardens, in an oral history of the club and interview with Vulture.

What were some of the best shows you saw at City Gardens?

There was some tremendous bands that played there, and some great shows. X did a great show. Gibby from Butthole Surfers nearly burned the place down. Anybody from Joan Jett to Agnostic Front and GBH and GWAR. You know, Black Flag and Bad Brains. Bad Brains was like the house band, they were there like every six weeks. They were amazing. The Chili Peppers. It was just an incredible and vibrant scene and there was nothing else like it.

Wasn’t there a night when a guy pulled a gun out when you were bartending?

Yeah, that was during the X show. It was the first time I’ve ever held a gun in a non-structured environment. There was an off-duty cop there. It was a pretty heavy punk scene and it could get somewhat aggressive. I believe there was a bit of a disagreement between this gentleman and two other people who felt that his face should be hit by their fists. So I think maybe he disagreed with that, and within that a gun was pulled, and I think someone got hit with a bottle and things went flying and I ended up with the gun behind the bar. (Via)

Stewartie is a punk rocker. Check out the rest of the sweaty interview, especially the part where Stewart recalls having to clean up the vomit of the Dead Boys’ Stiv Bators, here.

Via Vulture

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