A Pixar Artist Turned 25 Classic R-Rated Movies Into Kid-Friendly Drawings

02.17.14 4 years ago 18 Comments

lebowski drawings

One of the reasons why I can’t wait to have a child, maybe the only reason actually, is because I want to be the person who shows someone Goodfellas for the first time. By the time I was old enough to appreciate the majesty of the tracking shot, all of my friends had already seen the film, and moved onto the debatable “Casino is better than Goodfellas” phrase of their lives. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait awhile until Kurp, Jr. (the kids can call him Jurp!) learns what kind of funny Joe Pesci is. Not only do I not have a kid, as previously mentioned, but it’s probably unwise to show a five-year-old Goodfellas, unless you want them to fear “that guy from Rocky and Bullwinkle” for the rest of their no-longer-innocent lives.

So we owe Josh Cooley a debt of gratitude for making Goodfellas more kid-friendly. The Pixar artist draws “scenes from contemporary classic films in an illustrated, for-early-readers style.” Here’s some of Cooley’s finest work, taken from his website, which will soon be turned into a book.

31 - Donny Darko

30 - Die Hard

29 - No Country For Old Men

28 - Fargo

27 - Psycho

25 - Seven

23 - Silence of the Lambs

22 - The Shining

21 - The Godfather II

20 - Leon The Professional

19 - The Graduate

18 - Rosemary039s Baby

17 - Terminator 2

16 - The Godfather

14 - Goodfellas

13 - Chinatown

12 - A Clockwork Orange

10 - The Big Lebowski

09 - Road Warrior

07 - Drive

06 - Jaws

05 - Alien

03 - Fight Club

02 - Predator

01 - Pulp Fiction

To buy Cooley’s book, head here, or check out his website.

All images via Cooley!

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