It’s Just Your Average Love Story As Old As Time Between A Man And A Goat

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A 20-year-old Nigerian man, Malam Kamisu Baranda, was arrested and sentenced to two weeks jail after getting caught having sexual relations with a goat. I know on paper that sounds pretty awful, but don’t worry — because like any upstanding gentleman, Baranda made sure to ask the goat’s permission first. I just hope he also made sure to open the hut door for her. The English is a little sticky, but the Nigeria Daily Times reports:

Kamisu was said to have admitted that the goat belonged to him and that he had asked the goat to have sexual intercourse with him but he was arrested by the village head of the area and handed over to the police.

He explained that this was not the first time of having sex with animals inside bush because he has done it over 10  times and was never arrested.

He regretted that if he knew that he would be arrested, he would have not tried it because it was the reason why he did not make love with women in the area.

You know, if Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with an operating system isn’t all that far fetched, than maybe this guy really did have something with his goat. You never know. You listening out there, Focus Films? I can totally see this project happening, maybe with like James Franco as the man and Alison Brie as the voice of the goat. Think it over, is all I’m saying.

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