Justin Bieber Is Moving To Atlanta And Changing His Name To ‘Bizzle’. No, Seriously.

UPDATE: Let’s Take A Peek Into Justin ‘Bizzle’ Bieber’s New Atlanta Hip Hop Mansion

Justin Bieber wants to move to Atlanta, y’all! Because, if you haven’t heard — he’s a Very Serious Hip Hop guy now, and all of the Very Serious Hip Hop guys live in Atlanta. Obviously. Also now that he’s hanging out with the likes of Diddy and others, he simply can’t go around with some white boy name like “Justin Bieber,” so from now on you may refer to him as “Bizzle.” From TMZ:

Bieber lived in Atlanta briefly when he first moved to the United States years ago — after Scooter Braun signed him — and his most recent trip has stirred up very fond memories.

In addition to Diddy, Bieber’s been hanging with southern staples T.I. and Rick Ross — and we’re told he’s already asked them about where to buy the nicest real estate in the city.

It also makes sense because we’re told Bieber is transitioning into hip hop — he’s Bizzle now.

Whatever, Twizzle. Have fun throwing eggs at people in Atlanta and enjoy spending half your life trapped in your car on that giant parking lot of a transportation system Atlanta has. I think the biggest shame here is that Justin Bieber doesn’t have Kelly Bundy as an older sister. “When the shirt is off, I’m Bizzle. When the shirt is on, I’m Justin.”