Kate Mara Admitted That She Still Hasn’t Finished Watching ‘House of Cards’

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02.27.14 13 Comments


If you’re wondering what kind of insane garbage person still hasn’t finished watching Season Two of House of Cards yet — no, you’re not allowed to have a life, this is VERY IMPORTANT TELEVISION — look no further than Kate Mara, one of the very own stars of the show. Errr, former star? From In Touch:

“I’m not done yet. I haven’t seen the whole season,” she admitted to In Touch. “I thought I was going to binge on the first two days, but on Valentine’s Day, I was so tired I only got to episode 5, so now I’m on episode 7.”

I can’t imagine many more romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day than relive your own horrible and gristly murder, so I guess we can cut her a break on this one.

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