Kristen Schaal Tackles The Republicans’ Endearing New Way Of Courting Female Voters

News & Culture Writer
10.10.14 25 Comments

The midterm elections are coming up, and it’s been suggested that female voters are going to be the ones to decide the senate majority. You know what that means: Time for republicans to pander to female voters with a rebranding effort! So let’s see, what would be a good way of pandering to female voters . . . Perhaps discussing equal work for equal pay or reproductive rights or ready access to birth control? LOL! We all know republicans are against those things, so on Wednesday night’s Daily Show, the always hilarious Kristen Schaal discussed some of the more creative ways conservatives are trying to reach female voters, by appealing to the delicate and predictable sensitivities of women. Also she dumps a bowl of birth control pills on her head, because it’s Kristen Schaal.

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