Kumail Nanjiani Has A New Podcast That Will Break Down Every Episode Of ‘The X-Files’

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Kumail Nanjiani, one of my new favorite actors/comedians and participant in the greatest dick joke in the history of television, has launched a new podcast devoted exclusively to breaking down every episode of The X-Files, consecutively, throughout the entire series. (Or basically, “through season six,” as Nanjiani says.) The podcast is hosted by the network Feral Audio, which also houses Dan Harmon’s Harmontown and Chelsea Peretti’s Call Chelsea Peretti.

Each episode will feature a different guest host, the first being Film critic Devin Faraci, in which they tackle the first two episodes: “Pilot” and “Deep Throat.” I listened to part of the first episode and despite being a funny guy, the show is actually SUPER SERIOUS — so far, anyway — with Nanjiani saying that he was a UFO-obsessed kid growing up, and when the The X-Files premiered it was practically religion to him. They make an interesting point that back when the The X-Files was on the air, since it was pre-today’s internet, if you wanted to obsess over a series you had to record every episode on VHS tapes and then buy the season guides at the end of the year. Dark times, indeed, and it looks like he’s got a lot of catching up to do.

I kind of wish someone would do a Quantum Leap podcast in this style, (my favorite sci-fi show growing up) except every episode would be like, Sam jumps into this person and then it’s really awkward while he’s trying to figure sh*t out, then he figures it out but there’s a red herring, and he almost doesn’t save the day but then he does. Al also says some funny stuff and uses laughably fake technology. Actually — don’t care, would still listen.

You can check out The X-Files Files here.

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