At Least HBO’s #RoastJoffrey Gave Us This Sniveling Joffrey Supercut

Editorial Director

HBO held #RoastJoffrey back in December after determining, “Joffrey is the most-reviled character on social media.” From the little I paid attention it was as inorganic and forced as you would have expected. The best thing to come out of it was easily Arya, Hodor, and The Hound doing Joffrey impersonations.

Well, now we have the second best thing: just under a minute of Joffrey being the weasel-iest of weasels with a few verry necessary face slaps mixed it in. Warning: the supercut is peppered with “best of” #RoastJoffrey tweets, and I think they speak for themselves. Your Game of Thrones fandom is not fully realized until you’ve read Joe Rogan’s snarky 140 characters or less.

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