‘The Lego Movie’ Sequel Already Has A Release Date

02.23.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Warner Bros.

What does a studio do when they have a massively successful film like The Lego Movie. Oh, they greenlight a sequel to it as soon as possible. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

On Friday, the studio announced that the untitled movie will hit theaters on May 26, 2017, the beginning of the long Memorial Day weekend. Warners is being vague in terms of saying whether the film will be a proper sequel, or a Lego Ninjago spinoff.

News of a second film comes as The Lego Movie continues to make history at the worldwide box office, where it has earned north of $200 million in under two weeks. On Wednesday, the 3D animated film crossed the $150 million mark domestically.

The Lego Movie was hilarious, but being a 6’4 man in the theater laughing really hard at toys will make parents clutch their children with alarm. I played with Legos before your kids did, so there! Please tell me everyone is coming back. Chris Pratt is my spirit Lego.


Via The Hollywood Reporter

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