Leo DiCaprio Refused To Be Anywhere Near Where ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Was Filming

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06.05.14 5 Comments
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Keeping Up With the Kardashians set up shop this past Sunday at Los Angeles’ XIV Summer Sessions, which, according to Page Six, is known for “guests getting carried away with Champagne spraying.” *makes “ugh” face* Production was filming a scene in which Brody Jenner was DJ’ing in a booth along with his super cool dad Bruce Jenner (there’s video, which is kind of hilarious), but one party-goer wanted nothing the hell to do with it and refused to be filmed.

A spy said, “Leo didn’t want to be filmed for ‘Keeping Up’ and didn’t want to arrive until filming was over.” Leo joined his close pal Lukas Haas and a group for a Mexican-themed party for Frankie Delgado.

Hmm. I can’t imagine why a highly respected, award-winning actor wouldn’t want to be associated with reality TV vermin, but DiCaprio wasn’t the only one.

Also refusing to be filmed with the Kardashians was the one-time reality star and ex-Kim Kardashian best friend Paris Hilton, who has recently launched her own DJ career.

Obviously Leo DiCaprio wouldn’t appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians because there’s no reality or alternate reality in which that would ever happen. In Paris Hilton’s case, however, if science could figure out a way to harness her hate for Kim Kardashian and use it as an alternate energy source, we could almost completely eliminate global warming. Paris Hilton > Kim Kardashian = A cat taking a bath x 100,000. Problem solved.

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