Let’s All Remember This Important Music Montage From ‘Married With Children’

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06.13.14 23 Comments


If you’re a Married With Children fan in any capacity, surely you remember this 1991 episode, “If You Could See Me Now,” in which Al is having trouble seeing the road, so Kelly and Bud takes him to an optometrist to get glasses. Al asks his children to help him pick out something “cool yet understated,” and what happens next is ’90s magic.

I don’t even know where to begin: The goofy dancing to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man,” the stereotypically “nerdy” employee with glasses, the dumb jokes, (why would an optometrist carry novelty glasses???) Bud’s entire outfit (although that’s not exclusive to this particular scene) … It’s amazing. I can’t even fathom how embarrassing this must have been to shoot for everyone involved and yet I love it more than anything.

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