Let's Check In With Balloon Boy, One Of The Most Viral News Stories Of 2009

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03.12.14 10 Comments

Can you guys believe it’s been almost five whole years since the Balloon Boy hoax? Me neither. If you’ll recall, the Heene family of Fort Collins, Colorado, punked the entire world into thinking their little boy was floating off into the atmosphere in a gas-filled balloon — which resulted in the closing of the Denver airport and the National Guard being called in followed by a manhunt after the balloon landed and the boy was not in it. It was later to be revealed that the boy was “hiding in the attic” and later after that revealed to be a giant pile of steaming bullsh*t when the kid basically admitted as much on Larry King Live. The parents eventually pleaded guilty to felony changes and were sentences to serve jail time and pay restitution.

So, any guess as to how the Heenes are doing today? Well, they moved to Florida, if that tells you anything. The family appeared on HLN’s Morning Express this week to shamelessly famewhore show everyone how they’re doing now.

Predictably, Richard Heene is still standing by his innocence while promoting Balloon Boy — who’s real name is “Falcon,” by the way — in a kid metal band called The Heene Boyz and dressing him up like Atreyu from The Neverending Story. So that seems about right. Between the continued famewhoring, dysfunction and Florida residence, I have no doubt in my mind that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Heene family.

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