Ellen Totally Made Fun Of Lindsay Lohan And Her Dumb Sexual Conquests List

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03.29.14 11 Comments


Lindsay Lohan appeared on Friday’s Ellen show to discuss her “documentary” series and new-found sobriety, and when the topic of conversation briefly touched on her flash-in-the-pan singing career — Lohan recalled a song she had performed on a previous Ellen which had been painful as she wrote it going through a breakup. Sharp as a tack, Ellen was quick to jump on the identity of the gentleman in question and then dropped in a slick reference to Lohan’s ever-growing sex list, which officially makes Ellen the hero of the internet today! Congrats, Ellen, your prize is this lovely cat video.

On a serious note, I really hope Lindsay Lohan really is sober this time, because ain’t nobody gotta be looking this rough at twenty-seven.

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