Listen To A Karaoke Contestant Sing Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ As Elmo

Senior Pop Culture Editor

For about a decade, Drowning Pool’s hate-driven single “Bodies” was in every TV show and movie. Thanks to Fahrenheit 9/11, xXx, Jason X, The Punisher trailer, a million wrestling events, and that one parrot YouTube video, it became one of those songs that you just knew, even if you don’t realize it. But around 2011, floors stopped being hit, apparently, and the $$$ stopped coming in for Drowning Pool.

So while the band won’t earn any cash-money from Stuart Dryden’s “Evil Elmo Karaoke Performance,” hopefully it’ll spawn a worldwide Drowning Pool resurgence, and that the final scene of the final episode of Mad Men will be soundtracked by “Bodies.” LET THE DON DRAPER HIT THE FLOOR.

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