Detroit Made A Local Boy Police Chief For The Day In A Story That May Restore Your Faith In Humanity

02.01.14 4 years ago

jayvon detroit police chief

As a resident of Detroit, I can attest to most of what’s said about it, but it’s really no different from any other big city. Every single time I’ve gone downtown I have never had anything but a great time with great people. But, then there’s the neighborhoods, and that’s some The Road sh*t. It’s common practice to blow red lights because who cares? Stopping at a red light is scary because who knows what could happen?

I used to rehab houses in Detroit. I was robbed 3 times, shot at, and had to call 911 A LOT. Do you know what happens when you call 911 in Detroit? Busy signal, or they answer, but don’t respond to the call. I went into one house where a hobo was with a hooker, the basement was flooded, there was no front door, and the house next door was being robbed. I called the cops, and it was busy. It inspired me to write a book because it felt like the outbreak of a zombie movie. So, this story about Jayvon Felton, who was made Police Chief of Detroit for a day, is the onion cutting story that will melt all the snow. Via WXYZ Detroit:

The 9-year-old boy was diagnosed with leukemia last April. Felton, who is a big fan of the Detroit Police Department, has always wanted to be an officer when he grows up. He didn’t have to wait long for that to happen.

On Friday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig swore Felton in as honorary chief for the day. Jayvon’s supporters hoped the special day, which was brought together through several donations, would lift his spirits.

People joining together to make a sick kid’s day? YES.

Source: WXYZ Detroit

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