An Omaha News Station Thought A Malaysian Flight 370-'Lost' Mashup Was A Good Idea

03.20.14 4 years ago 6 Comments


Well, this is embarrassing. Someone at Omaha’s KETV NewsWatch 7 must have been wearing their Bad Idea Jeans when they thought a killer way to tease a story on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 theories would be to poorly Photoshop this Lost poster mashup on Twitter. (Here’s the original, in comparison.) Oh, remember that show about the missing plane you liked so much? This is just like that only real life and 239 people are presumed dead. Ha ha ha ha ha! Click on our story!

The full tweet, which has since been removed, is screencapped below:



What’s the opposite of a Pulitzer? Whatever it is — go home, any other contenders — I think KETV NewsWatch 7 has this one in the bag. Let’s hope we get some concrete answers today to put an end to any more idiocy like this.

H/T Deadspin

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