Lucky California Couple Finds $10 Million In Buried Treasure In Their Backyard

02.25.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

A California couple found an estimated $10 million dollars in gold coins as they hiked along a path on their property in Northern California. Via ABC News:

A California couple spotted the edge of an old can on a path they had hiked many times before. Poking at the can was the first step in uncovering a buried treasure of rare coins estimated to be worth $10 million.

“It was like finding a hot potato,” the couple told coin expert Dr. Don Kagan from Kagin’s, Inc. The couple hired the president of Kagin’s, Inc. and Holabird-Kagin Americana, a western Americana dealer and auctioneer, to represent them.

I found 75% of a one dollar bill wedged under my car tire the other day. But, I think I would’ve preferred to find buried treasure in my backyard. It seems that they already seem to be well off, so, what are they going to so with all this new found wealth? Buy a pirate ship and go exploring? Buy 10 million McChicken sandwiches? (I use McChickens are currency)

“We’d like to help other people with some of this money. There are people in our community who are hungry and don’t have enough to eat. We’ll also donate to the arts and other overlooked causes. In a way it has been good to have time between finding the coins and being able to sell them in order to prepare and adjust. It’s given us an opportunity to think about how to give back,” said the couple.

Help other people? Donate to the arts? Help overlooked causes?! UGH! McChickens are so much better than charity. They could donate the sandwiches to the arts. Sandwiches are art. However, I guess if you don’t go the sandwich route, helping others who need help is a worthy cause. They’re like anti-pirates. Now what would I do with the money. Hmm…

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Via ABC News, Kagin’s Inc

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