Madonna Is Going To Direct A Feminist Muslim Film Entitled ‘Ade: A Love Story’

03.27.14 4 years ago 3 Comments
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Remember the last movie Madonna directed? No, seriously, do you? I don’t. Anyway, she is back in the directors chair to direct Ade: A Love Story, which is an adaptation of the novel by Rebecca Walker. Via Billboard:

Walker, the daughter of “The Color Purple” author Alice Walker and civil rights lawyer Mel Leventhal, wrote about growing up interracial and with mixed religions in her memoir “Black, White, and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self.”

In her debut novel, published October 2013, Walker creates a narrator similar to herself (the mother is Christian while the father is Jewish). The story centers on a 19-year-old American student traveling with a feminist companion in Africa who falls in love with a young Muslim man on an island off the coast of Kenya. Their hastily made plans to marry, however, get blown away by cultural and political forces.

Although very much a love story, many of the themes and subjects in “Ade” are those Madonna has touched upon in envelope-pushing ways at the height of her music career. Sex, religion, race, lesbianism all figure into the story one way or another. Already a fan of the book, Madonna also provided a blurb that appeared in promotional materials.

This will be one of those movies where you go to the Wikipedia page and see a budget of $20 million with a box office of $1,245. I know we’re all craving for a movie about a feminist who falls in love with a Muslim on an island directed by Madonna, but some things are better left in a bonfire. She might as well give the whole falling in love on an island thing another go. It worked out GREAT last time.

(Via Billboard)

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