Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Update: Is The Debris From The Plane Or Is This Another Red Herring?

03.20.14 4 years ago

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Last night came with huge breaking news that wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been found in the Indian Ocean. That information slowly changed to unconfirmed information about wreckage being found because all we had to go on is the Australian PM and a satellite image showing what looked like a clump of snow on a windshield. Via CNN:

A day that began with high hopes ended with uncertainty late Thursday in Australia as darkness put an end to the search for two objects captured on satellite and described as possible debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Aircraft from Australia, New Zealand and the United States, along with a Norwegian merchant ship, will resume the search Friday, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.

Hindered by poor weather in a wild, remote area of the southern Indian Ocean, neither the surveillance planes nor the massive Norwegian cargo ship managed to spot the debris photographed Sunday by a commercial satellite.

Even before suspending the search for the day, authorities cautioned the objects could be something other than plane wreckage, such as shipping containers that fell off a passing vessel.

Bad weather, planes and ships aren’t there yet, and yet another occasion where everyone reporting this put their ‘Jump To Conclusions’ map out and began jumping wildly. As with the debris from last week near China, we didn’t know where the oil slick came from or where the debris came from, so naturally everyone freaked out. Current news coming in from Australia is that a plane is flying over the area but nothing has come in to what they are seeing and if it is in fact the airplane.

Satellites captured images of the objects about 14 miles (23 kilometers) from each other and about 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) southwest of Australia’s west coast. The area is a remote, rarely traveled expanse of ocean far from commercial shipping lanes.

The commercial satellite images, taken Sunday, show two indistinct objects of “reasonable size,” with the largest about 24 meters (79 feet) across, said John Young, general manager of emergency response for the Australian maritime agency.

They appear to be “awash with water and bobbing up and down,” Young said.

The objects could be from the plane, but they could be also something else — like a shipping container — caught in swirling currents known for creating garbage patches in the open ocean, he said.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority

It could be anything. If you know anything about the ocean, you’d know that it’s full of garbage. So, until we get some boats on the scene, especially ones that have the capability to launch a helicopter, all we can do is wait to hear more information. Stay here for breaking news as it comes in as we expect more and more information about what is happening in the Indian Ocean.


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