Man Records Tearful Plea To Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook Asking To See His Dead Son’s ‘Look Back’ Movie

02.05.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

UPDATE: It worked! Facebook has granted John’s wish.

Ever since Facebook announced it had created personalized “Look Back” movies for every user to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the sentimental videos have taken the social network by storm. As you scroll through your newsfeed you might think of the videos as inescapable, but for one man the situation is quite the opposite.

John Berlin’s son Jesse passed away a little over two years ago, and he would love nothing more than to watch his one-minute “Look Back” movie. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have access to Jesse’s Facebook account, and attempts to contact the company directly have proved fruitless.

So today he took to YouTube and recorded the above video. “My son passed away January 28th, 2012, and we can’t access his Facebook account,” he says. “All we want to do is see his movie. That’s it. I don’t even need to get into his account.”

It’s impossible to watch John’s plea and not hope like hell that he gets to see the video. If you have any contacts at Facebook, now would be a great time to put your rolodex to good use.

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