Mark Ruffalo Rode A Unicycle On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ Because, Sure, Why Not?

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06.09.14 4 Comments

Mark Ruffalo appeared on The Graham Norton Show last week, where it was revealed that a childhood skill of the Avengers actor was riding a unicycle. Of course, being that it was The Graham Norton Show, they just happened to have a couple on hand — even though he hadn’t ridden in twenty-five years. He did pretty impressively, I have to say, because riding a unicycle is hard. But still, I don’t think I can be fully impressed until I see him ride a unicycle in full-on Hulk costuming, which I would then gif and set as my background wallpaper forever and ever.

UPDATE: Mark Ruffalo posted the following on his Tumblr:

For someone who hasn’t practiced this hidden talent in decades he did pretty well!

I wish I had a little more warm up. If the producers of Avengers II knew what I was doing I could be in for some trouble. Please don’t alert to them to my reckless behavior.

Secret’s safe with us.

(Via Pajiba)

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