Meet This Amazingly Dumb Florida Couple Who Humped In A Women's Bathroom At Walgreens

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03.25.14 17 Comments

A Winter Haven, Florida couple, 24-year-old Christopher Mahurin and 22 year-old Jenna Lynn Frey, for some reason decided that a Walgreen’s women’s restroom was a good place to bone last Saturday. I personally would prefer something a bit more intimate with less fecal matter, but I guess different strokes for different folks. Things were presumably going well for the pair until a 6-year-old girl entered the restroom and Mahurin handled the situation in absolutely the worst way possible.

This is when the story turns south for Mahurin. While the pair was still in the stall, a 6 year-old female entered the restroom while her father stood nearby, according to Winter Haven police.

After the victim was inside of the restroom, Mahurin exited the stall completely naked. Mahurin immediately pushed the girl towards the door and she began screaming. The victim’s father, who was just outside of the restroom door, heard the screams and entered the restroom to grab his daughter.

I guess the kind of crack decision making and general life skills that lead to Walgreen’s bathroom intercourse in the first place also dictate that a good way to deal with unwanted sex interruption is to practically maul a young child bare ass naked. Mahurin was booked with charges of lewd/lascivious behavior, indecent exposure, battery and driving with a suspended license. His girlfriend was to my knowledge not charged with anything because I assume police felt sorry for her and figured having that idiot as a boyfriend was punishment enough.

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