Meet The Florida Man Who Brought His Three-Year-Old Child Along To Pick Up A Prostitute

03.11.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

WESH Orlando

It’s still early, but I’d like to nominate Patrick Williams of Daytona Beach for Florida Father of the Year Award, for excellence in bringing his toddler son along for the ride when he went out trolling for some Grade A quality prostitute sex. There was a change in plans, however, when the young lady William solicited turned out to be an undercover cop doing a sting. GIANT WHOOPS.

Williams, on the other hand, insists that it’s all just “a big entrapment.” From WESH Orlando:

“I said I got my kid. She said ‘that’s cool, I’ve got a room.’ I said ‘yeah, yeah whatever.’ Then we turn around to get away from my car. As soon as I turned, drove way away. Blocks up the road, they lit me up,” Williams said.

Williams said he wasn’t doing anything shady with the woman he believed was a prostitute on Ridgewood. In fact, he said, while on the way to buy his kids toys, he stopped to pray for the woman.

See? He was just buying toys for his son! And praying for that poor woman who has to make flowers for a living. He really is the father — no, MAN of the year. Unfortunately the police report tells a bit of a different story:

In the arrest affidavit, police said the undercover officer told Williams, “she had a room and said that the child could watch cartoons.”

Williams allegedly told the officer he would turn around, keeping his back to the child, so the toddler wouldn’t see the sexual act.

Ummm. If this kid grows up to have a crippling phobia of Mighty Mouse, I think I know why.

While I couldn’t embed it, I urge you to click here for video footage of the news report. Some highlights:

  • Patrick Williams admissions of his innocence — all of it
  • The Daytona Beach Police Chief referring to “disease-infested” prostitutes (PROSTITUTES HAVE FEELINGS, TOO)
  • The reporter voice over saying that “Williams says he wasn’t doing anything shady” while the camera pans on a closeup of a street sign that reads “Shady Pl”
  • The reporter smacks the camera with ostensibly a copy of the police report after saying “the police report paints a much different story”


BRAVO, WESH 2 News, for taking a garden variety “man brings his 3-year-old son to hire a prostitute” story and turning it into Pulitzer-worthy masterpiece.

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