Meet The Woman Who’s Taking Hypnotherapy Sessions To Become ‘Brainless Like Barbie’

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02.19.14 10 Comments


Blondie Bennett doesn’t fantasy about living in Barbie’s Dreamhouse — she wants to actually be Barbie, lack of thoughts and all. Bennett, 38, has been attending hypnotherapy sessions in the hopes that it will decrease her IQ, because she “wants to be the ultimate Barbie.” And not Klaus Barbie, either.

“I don’t like being human…Natural is boring…I would love to be like, completely plastic.”

Bennett has had five breast augmentations and other procedures in the hopes of attaining her goal. But now she says she’s undergoing hypnotherapy sessions two-to-three times a week in order to dumb down her thoughts. She says it’s working.

“I’ve had 20 sessions and I’m already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time,” Bennett [said]. (Via)

Unfortunately, Blondie was too late to make it onto the cover of SI. Maybe Weekly World News can come back just for her?

Via Huffington Post

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