Miley Cyrus Performed In Her Bra And Underwear Because Of Course She Did


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Miley Cyrus is still just being Miley, y’all! During a stop on her Bangerz tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last night, Miley took the stage wearing nothing but her bra and underpants — which, I’m not entirely sure why this is news because isn’t that actually kind of a conservative look for her nowadays?

At any rate, Miley took to Twitter just to let everyone know that it was totally, really for real 100% unplanned.

My eyes rolled back so far in my head they almost did a 360. I don’t know why Miley thinks she needs to explain why she wore underwear on stage, (what I’d personally like to know is what tour-related mishap caused her to post photos of her dildo on Twitter) since we’ve reached the point of full on Miley fatigue that the best reaction this evokes is a limp yawn. Outside of Instagramming her pap smear or turning her tour into a live sex act, there’s really not much shock value left at this point.

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