A Topless Photo Of Miley Cyrus Riding A Horse Has Surfaced Online

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04.01.14 5 Comments

miley cyrus adore you

The full artwork from Miley Cyrus’s remix for “Adore You” — if you’ll recall, the sex tape poorly disguised as a music video — has surfaced online, and by “surfaced online” obviously we mean “fully intentionally leaked, no really do not even for a second misinterpret the wholly transparent motivation behind this.”

We’ve seen Miley’s boobs before in her spread for German Vogue, so I guess this is just a friendly reminder from Camp Miley that she’s still out there, still has boobs, and here they are on a horse you’re very welcome. And of course we have played right into her trap like the predictable pop culture website we are, because boobs. Well done, Miley.

Check out the leaked image on Idolator if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s a preview from her Twitter account.



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