Mindy Kaling Gave A Hilarious Interview To Jimmy Kimmel On Body Image And Being A 'Fat Sea Monster'

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04.01.14 10 Comments

Mindy Kaling appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the return of The Mindy Project, which is coming back tonight after a two and a half month hiatus. Although I’m sad to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine gone for the season, The Mindy Project had been growing on me the last couple of months before it went away, so I’m glad to have it back.

At any rate, Mindy brought up the topic of body image with Jimmy Kimmel — who has himself dealt with his own criticism — about how she’s seen as some kind of champion for having a curvy figure. Because when it comes down to it Mindy cares just as much about her body image as any red blooded woman, and telling her that she’s some kind of hero for not giving a crap about what she looks like is actually insulting. Imagine that! Personally, as someone who stupidly runs half marathons a few times a year mostly because I like to drink a lot and eat stuff like hot dogs with macaroni and cheese on them, I can totally relate to her. I bet Mindy Kaling and I would be pretty good friends if we ever met.

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