Misty The Farting Pit Bull Was Returned To A High Kill Shelter Because She Farted Too Much

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07.02.14 48 Comments

Greenville County Pet Rescue

The story of Misty, this sweet-faced Pit Bull went viral on the Examiner last month after she made the rounds on the Greenville County Pet Rescue’s Facebook page urgent list, and it was revealed that Misty’s family had returned her to the shelter for farting too much. Has anybody in that family even met a Pit Bull? I don’t think I’ve ever known one that didn’t stink up the joint — but Christ, it’s not a dealbreaker. The Huffington Post writes:

Misty’s story — which inexorably leads one to the conclusion that people can really, really be the worst — was first shared on Examiner.com, prompting outrage and more than one offer to buy sensitive tummy food for the dog. Misty went on the shelter’s “urgent” list, meaning that the year-old doggie, who is friendly and good with other pets, would be euthanized if no one new were to bring her home.

Thankfully though, this story has a happy ending, because — possibly thanks due to the widespread news of her story — Misty will be happily farting up some lucky foster family’s 4th of July festivities this weekend.

Susan Bufano, a shelter spokesperson, told HuffPost by email that Misty will soon be in the care of people who know to expect a little flatulence, and a lot of love.

“We are still evaluating her and have a foster for her,” said Bufano. “We anticipate finding her a home.”

“A little flatulence, and a lot of love”: Words to live by, my friends. Isn’t that all we can really expect from our loved ones, both pets and humans? If excessive flatulence was legitimate grounds to go dump something off to become someone else’s problem, I would have taken my husband back to the shelter years ago.

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