Watch Mitt Romney Dance Gangnam Style & Become Even Whiter Right Before Your Eyes

01.13.14 4 years ago

This past weekend, Mitt Romney spoke at a conference for young, single Mormons. Not since the infamous Delta House toga party has so much white filled a room.

During the evening, singer Alex Boye brought old Mitt on stage to teach him how to dance “Gangnam Style.” For those who blocked out 2013, Gangnam Style was a popular tune for a little over the typical fifteen minutes. This length of time is ironically equal to the length of time in which Mitt had a chance of winning the Presidential election.

Romney joined Boye on stage and, while Boye brought it Gangnam Style, Mitt busted out three steps similar to the ‘Humpty Dance’ and quickly skidattled off. Naturally, the crowd ate it up.

Four more steps! Four more steps!

Via Gawker

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