New 'Love Cloud' Service In Las Vegas That Lets You Join The Mile High Club Does Not Sound Very Romantic

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Love Cloud is a new service operating out of Las Vegas that lets you join the mile high club with a specially decked out Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, which is pretty much the most Las Vegas thing I’ve ever heard. The Cessna 421, normally a six-seater passenger plane, has been modified with a foam mattress and heart-shaped sex pillows and basically looks like Valentine’s Day threw up in it for that special “romantic” touch. For privacy, the cabin is outfitted with a sound-muffling red velvet curtain that separates it from the cockpit and the pilot is made to wear noise cancelling headsets.

La Vegas Weekly spoke with Love Cloud’s founder, Andy Johnson about his endeavor:

“I want it to be romantic,” says the company’s 32-year-old founder, Andy Johnson, “… one of those bucket-list things that you did that you will never forget for the rest of your life.”

It’s the first of its kind to be based in Las Vegas, and Johnson says the experience is on another level of luxury from his competitors. The cabin is basically a custom bed, and a wireless JBL system lets guests customize mood lighting and music. Condoms and lubricant are provided, and you can add chocolates, roses and limo rides to packages starting at $800 for 40 minutes cruising at 5,280 feet. Back on the ground, Mile High Club VIP cards are awarded, and Johnson hopes to link the cards to VIP services at Strip destinations. From tying the knot to rekindling sparks, Love Cloud seems like a perfect fit for Vegas to the entrepreneur, who shared that he just made it to the second round of auditions for popular startup-incubator show Shark Tank.

I realize as a married, unadventurous person, I’m not the target for this service — because the thought of getting it on in a cramped little plane three feet away from some dude wearing headphones with no easy access to a bathroom afterwards makes my lady parts feel the opposite of fun time. Oh and then there’s also this:

Johnson says that in addition to his business model, his application for the show included a disclosure: In 2012, in connection to his Virginia-based flight school, Johnson was charged by the U.S. Attorney with operating an aircraft “carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others … subsequent to his Commercial Pilot Certificate having been revoked …” He pled guilty to a lesser offense—one count of reckless operation of an aircraft—and served 20 days in jail and one year of probation.

You mean to tell me that the guy who’s operating a sex plane in Las Vegas might have a teensy bit of a shady background? Now I’ve heard everything! Not that it matters much. As long as Las Vegas has high rollers, paid escorts and alcohol, he could literally be a first cousin of one of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 pilots and there is pretty much no way this wouldn’t be a gigantic success.



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