A St. Patrick's Day Drunk Took A Woman's Lost Phone On A Tour Of New Orleans

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03.21.14 2 Comments

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Jenny Roberts Dodge lost her iPhone on a really bad day in a really bad place to lose an iPhone: St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans. Eventually, she tracked it down, using the Find My Friends app, though not before some mysterious drunk took the phone on a rambling trip of the Big Easy.

I lost my phone after the St. Patty’s parade and thought it was gone forever. However, we used the find my friends app to track it down and the guy who found it decided to document his adventure before leaving it at a local bar! I don’t know who he is but thank you so much stranger! (Via)

We’re fairly certain the guy who found the phone isn’t our very own Cajun Boy. He’s able to go 30 seconds without spouting off about how Drew Brees is the GREATEST HUMAN OF ALL-TIME.

Via the Daily Dot

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