Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Cuts His Salary In Half Because No One Is Buying The Wii U

01.29.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

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It’s no secret that the Wii U has been all but lackluster in sales when compared to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. All my buddies are gaming freaks, and not one of them has a Wii U. I literally know of no one that actually owns one of them. So, in a response to a drop in profits, Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata is cutting his salary in half. Via Time:

According to AFP, Satoru will receive half of his usual salary for the next five months, while Nintendo board members will receive a 20 to 30 percent cut in their salaries.

That seems like a nice thing to do, I guess. Nintendo always seems to be on the creative end of the video game industry when it comes to thinking of new things and new ideas. Sometimes it just doesn’t catch on, and fails to sell. Dreamcast cast knows what I’m talking about.

The Japanese gaming console titan’s revenues dipped by 8.1 percent during the last nine months of 2013 following sluggish demand for the Wii U games console amid fierce competition from Microsoft’s Xbox One console and Sony’s Playstation 4.

When I think of the Wii U, I think of trying to play a game on NES when I was little. When I hit a long stretch of playing a game without it malfunctioning, it was a good day, but then there were the bad days. The days where you’re on your knees over your NES trying to get it to work. I’d have a routine: I’d blow in the cartridge 3 times, cotton swab it 4 times, blow again, put it in the system, press up and down 5 times, and then it would play (Maybe, probably not, repeat process). As with me and my NES, Nintendo is just trying to get the Wii U to work.

Source: Time, Image via Getty

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