‘Archer’ Is Officially ‘Archer Vice’ Thanks To This New Title Sequence

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01.20.14 26 Comments

archer vice season 5
Whoever came up with this new title sequence deserves all of the drug money. In case you weren’t aware there are some changes coming to Archer this season and we are are now into Archer Vice
. Let’s take a look at the GIFs from tonight…

There’s a possible buyer in Miami, so the coke is transported via body cast on Pam.

shakes archer vice season 5

It goes about as well as expected.

chomp archer vice season 5

Turns out the dealers are the guys from the “Honeypot” episode. Obviously the deal goes bad.

wrong archer vice season 5

Trying to get the money back, Ramon gets shot, leading to Archer granting another dying friend’s last wish.

kiss archer vice season 5

But the shootout was a needless ruse as the money was counterfeit.

stupid archer vice season 5

So yeah, the old ISIS gang is terrible at drug dealing. Check out Maske’s next day recap here.

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