We Now Know Which Actor Took Taylor Swift’s Virginity And Made Her See ‘Red’

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Do you hate yourself for knowing every word to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”? Well, don’t blame Taylor Swift — it’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s fault. Back in 2010, Swift and Gyllenhaal began dating, probably because T-Swift knew he had something to do with bunny rabbits, but never bothered to do more research than that. She was planning to save herself for marriage, but ended up so smitten by the Brokeback star, according to Radar, she went all the way with him. Shortly thereafter, Swift threw herself a 21st birthday party, but Gyllenhaal didn’t show, and she “locked herself in the bathroom and cried the entire night.”

Dick move, Gyllenhaal. Dick move.

“Her breakup with Jake inspired every word of RED,” the source told Radar. “The song that specifically references this ‘event’ is ‘The Moment I Knew.’ They lyrics are all about her birthday party and Jake not showing up.”

Some of the lyrics for the song include, “You should’ve been there, Should’ve burst through the door,” with Swift going on to sing, “You said you’d be here.”

Throughout the song Swift describes how she was waiting in her “party dress” for him to show up and admits that when he didn’t she retreated to the bathroom. (Via)

I expected better from you, Bubble Boy.


Via Radar

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