Warnog, The Official 'Star Trek' Klingon Beer, Is Here And It Looks Deliciously Dangerous

03.25.14 5 years ago 11 Comments

Whenever I watched Star Trek or the Star Trek movies and I saw the Klingons chugging whatever drink they drank, I wondered what it tasted like. Well, the wait is over, because Star Trek is releasing the official Klingon beer called Warnog. Via The Guardian:

The Federation of Beer, a Canadian company who have an official partnership with the Star Trek franchise, has commissioned the ‘Roggen Dunkel’ style ale, to be brewed at the Tin Man Brewing Company in Indiana. It’s their second themed beer, following their Vulcan Ale last year, an Irish Red chosen to match the red planet of Vulcan where Spock hails from.

Warnog “incorporates rye malt into a modern Dunkelweizen grain bill, creating a flavor profile that is both familiar and unique,” the Federation explains in a statement. “Warnog’s aroma is predominantly mild banana and clove produced by the German wheat yeast, supported by subtle sweet malt character from the use of Munich malt. The flavor draws heavily from the blending of the rye malt and traditional clove character, creating a very rich and unique flavor. The inclusion of wheat and caramel malts help to round out the mouthfeel of this beer, making this Dunkelweizen hearty enough to be called a Klingon Warnog.” Warnog was drunk by Klingons in both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine TV series.

Beer is a national pastime that makes sports more entertaining to watch, friends easier to put up with, and breaking the ice less stressful, but novelty beer gets me every time. The sole reason I want to go to that Harry Potter theme park is to drink the Butterbeer, and it’s not even alcoholic. When The Simpsons Movie came out, I went to 7/11 and got every single novelty thing released. So, put me down for a few cases of Warnog.

Via The Guardian

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