Paula Deen Is Making A Comeback In The Least Surprising Story Of The Day

All it takes are a few news cycles for a celebrity or athlete to come back and be famous again. So, now that some time has gone by, Paula Deen feels it’s her time to come back and glisten in the spotlight like a glazed Easter ham. Via WSJ:

A recently formed new company, Paula Deen Ventures, said it has received an investment of between $75 million and $100 million from Najafi Cos., a private-equity company led by Jahm Najafi, who owns BMG Music Service and the Book-of-the-Month Club. A representative from Paula Deen Ventures says the company is currently in talks with undisclosed “TV networks, retail chains and other possible partners,” though Food Network says they are not in talks with Deen.

I wish when people talked about me it included “raised $100 million.” It’s not hard to believe that she’ll come back to fame, followed by the whole interview junket thing again. She’ll be able to clarify her defense and win people over with, “People make mistakes. We’re all human!” Whatever happened to her using racial slurs, and also wanting to have an old-timey party with black people as servants like the good ole’ days?

A deposition in a now-dismissed lawsuit was leaked in which Deen admitted to using racial slurs. Najafi also says that he doesn’t see the investment as much of a risk: Subscriptions to Paula Deen Magazine have reportedly “risen more than 40% in the past year” while sales of Deen’s Springer Mountain Chickens have reportedly “grown by 35% in the past two quarters.”

Shocker. Soon, we’ll have Deen making dishes like “Bowl’a Butter Soup” or “Butter Injected Bacon-wrapped Ham with a Coating of Dark Fudge.” This will all be somehow related to shaving a few years off of your life, y’all.

(Via WSJEater, Banner via Getty)

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