Poor Shermie! Watch Richard Sherman Get Attacked By Reporters In New Beats Ad

01.21.14 4 years ago


Amazingly, in a Championship game that features media darling and hot tub connoisseur Peyton Manning, the spotlight is actually on another player.

Noted good sport Richard Sherman is all the rage as we lead up to the Jersey Shore Super Bowl. Not only did he get a deflection on the possible game winning Touchdown, but he then refused to “win with graciousness” and gave amazing sideline interviews like this gem with Erin Andrews. Beats by Dre has flipped the script, however, in their newest commercial, where Sherman is the one on the receiving end of reporters’ attacks. Check it out:

We could argue for hours here about whether or not Sherman’s the best Cornerback in the NFL (he is), or if it’s kind of dick-ish that Beats by Dre would make this ad after they just ran a series with Kaepernick (it is) but more importantly, I think the real issue this commercial raises is why are these reporters so freaking mean?

Have you ever seen a locker room press conference? It’s a bunch of fat, balding reporters mouth-breathing talking points like “Walk me through the final play” and laughing at every single thing the athlete says.

I’m all for sales pitches, but if you want to make a commercial believable you can’t have it end that way; Sherman needs to be yelling with his shirt  off saying “YOU KNOW WHO I AM! THIS IS MY LOCKER! THIS IS MY NAME! I EAT HOT DOGS WITH EXCELLENCE!” or something like that.

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