That Profanity Laced Letter To A Teacher All Your Friends Are Sharing On Facebook Is Probably Fake

04.09.14 4 years ago

Whenever many things are posted to Reddit, they come with the usual “FAAAAAAKE!” stench. But regardless of whether it’s real or not, your friends will share the sh*t out of it on Facebook whilst tagging their other friends.

That said, based on no evidence but armed with a red pen, I’m going to say this letter is totally fake. If you’re going to write a hateful letter to a teacher, you would use their actual name in it. And you can start sentences with a conjunction. (See what I did there?) This letter gives me painful flashbacks to high school. I had better things to do like smoking in the bathroom with all the cool kids.

Let’s have a tiny glance at the comments:

reddit comments spelling

Commenting in that thread opens you up to the red pen of the internet.

(Via Reddit)

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