Puppy Conan Is The Redheaded Step-Puppy Of The Puppy Bowl, Now With Puppy Bieber

Senior Pop Culture Editor

puppy conan

Meet your 2014 Puppy Conan lineup: they’re the hosts with the most AWW: Puppy Conan and Puppy Andy.

puppy conan 1

He’s gonna get lucky tonight…with your leg: Puppy Pharrell.

puppy conan 2

Don’t get him started on the gay mailman: Puppy Phil Robertson.

puppy conan 3

When he’s not sniffing your butt, he’s smoking crack: Puppy Rob Ford.

puppy conan 4

And lastly, moms, keep your bitches at home: Puppy Justin Bieber.

puppy conan 5

Puppy Conan > Puppy Bowl > Super Bowl.

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