Putin's Top Aide Wants You To Know That Tupac Is The Only Thing That Interests Him About The U.S.

03.19.14 4 years ago

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If you have paid attention to the whole Russia invading and taking over the Crimea peninsula of Ukraine, then you will love this story of one of Vladimir Putin’s top aide’s Vladislav Surkov mocking potential U.S. sanctions. Via The Independent:

Vladislav Surkov, one of the seven Russian officials slapped with White House sanctions, told a Russian newspaper being on America’s blacklist is a “big honour” for him.

He added: “The only things that interest me in the US are Tupac Shakur, Allen Ginsberg, and Jackson Pollock. I don’t need a visa to access their work. I lose nothing.” Similarly, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, tweeted the sanctions appeared to have been drawn by “some pranksters” on behalf of “comrade” Obama.

Well, Tupac and Ginsberg are awesome. So, I have no objection there. But he is naming some older U.S. things, I assume this is because All Eyez on Me just came out there a few weeks ago due to the delay in cool stuff going into Russia (I base this on no research). He seems to have a sarcastic sense of humor, which isn’t that bad, I guess.

The incendiary comments come shortly after Kremlin-backed television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov warned Moscow could turn the US “into radioactive ash” in a nuclear attack. “Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash,” Kiselyov said standing in front of a large screen depicting a mushroom cloud produced by a nuclear explosion.

And whoa. Tap the breaks, Kiselyov. You can’t just go from zero to thermonuclear right after coming back from a commercial break. The segment couldn’t of been that insane could it? He didn’t actually stand in front of a huge screen with a nuke on it, did he?

Yeah, so all of that Tupac talk sounds pretty adorable right about now. I guess we know who the Bill O’Reilly is over there.

No, nevermind, stupider. At least the Russian guy was somewhat truthful, even if it was warmongering. Plus, we all saw WarGames with Matthew Broderick. Mutually Assured Destruction would totally suck. Luckily, I live near Detroit, so as the Russian jets fly over with their payloads, they’ll look out of their window and say, “Comrade, Deed vee alveady heet zeez ceety? Iz good, yes?”

Via The Independent

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