Quiznos Made A 'Game Of Thrones' Meets 'House Of Cards' Mashup Parody And It's… Not Bad?

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03.26.14 8 Comments

Hey guys, I need help reacting to something. On the one hand I’m not sure how I feel about corporations — specifically restaurant chains known for mass producing toasted sandwiches — stepping on internet mashup turf, but at the same time this is pretty well done and a bunch of fairly creative people had to be involved in the making of it so I’m not going to poop on it just because it was made specifically for the Quiznos YouTube account. I’ll take it every single day over those obnoxious rodents I was led to believe were cooked into the sandwiches.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take an evergreen Tyrion Lannister-Wolf of Wall Street mashup over this any day of the week (chair drag ftmfw), but the guy doing Kevin Spacey is pretty decent and I thought the Arya stuff is kind of fun, so I’ll just leave it here with a note that it confuses me. The only thing for certain is that Quiznos is going to find out the hard way what happens on the internet when you don’t do your spoiler alert due diligence.

Quiznos via Digg

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