Racist Stripper Lady Doesn’t Understand What She Did Wrong; Claims To Have A Black Cousin

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06.04.14 29 Comments


The Racist Stripper Lady from this morning’s jaw-dropping video has been identified as Janelle Ambrosia, who called in to Buffalo’s 93.7 WBLK earlier today to purportedly tell her side of the story. While true, we don’t know what went down just prior to the gentleman sitting in the car started filming the sequence of events, her recollection is spotty at best.

At first says that the man filming, who appeared calm and collected throughout the whole ordeal, called her a name that she can’t remember. She then quickly changes her tune, however, claiming that he called her a “crackheaded cracker” and a “honky,” which she insists are more racist terms than the n-word, because the n-word just means “an ignorant person.” Furthermore, she’d like you to know that she’s not racist at all, and has a “black cousin” to prove it.

The most damning piece of testimony, however, is that throughout the interview she makes the claim over and over again that the dispute started after the man filming almost “hit her son” with his car — even though SHE, HERSELF admits on the original video that it started because he “scared her son” when he started his car.

Despite ALL OF THIS NONSENSE, around the middle of the interview when she starts crying salty crocodile tears and saying that her ex is going to take her kids, and I feel a twinge of sympathy for her. She’s unintelligent, ignorant trash, and legitimately doesn’t even seem to understand what she did was wrong and why she should apologize for it. Hell, in her insane, delusional head, at this point she probably really does believe the evil black man tried to run down her kids in cold blood.

And then I watch the original video again and I’m like, yep, somebody please take them kids.

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