A Rapper Went To A 'Magic' Tournament And Took Pictures Of Every Exposed Butt

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03.11.14 9 Comments

magic butts

If you like big butts and you cannot jank, then head to the nearest Magic: the Gathering convention, where it’s one giant derrière party, emphasis on “giant.” An Action Bronson-looking rapper who goes by OB1FBM participated in “one of the biggest Magic tournaments of all time this weekend,” and in-between rolling twelve-sided dice and screaming YAHTZEE, he took pictures of every exposed butt crack he could find.

Bonus points for nailing the thoughtful 1990s rap album cover pose.

15 - 55N8JOk

13 - ktbqm5U

11 - ygIB5AC

10 - UpTNrfW

09 - 5h4ZNmo

08 - LAjulOl

07 - vqIdAfI

06 - OGIYH3n

05 - NJabhYM

04 - xhhiSYi

03 - GOrkXJM

02 - J03CZwR

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