Russian Teenager Sets Himself On Fire, Jumps Off Five-Story Building Into A Snowbank. You Know, For Fun.

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02.24.14 5 Comments

The Winter Olympics are over, so now we can go back to recognizing Russia solely for the bizarre things that the crazy people do over there, record and upload to the internet.

Like the teenager featured in the video above, who lights himself on fire and jumps off a five-story building. Suicide attempt? Nope, he just wanted to land in a snowbank while engulfed in flames. (A snowbank, mind you, that doesn’t look very tall. And there are cars parked not too far away. For all we know, he may have landed on pavement topped with a thin layer of snow.)

But this is just what Sanya does, man:

“I am into this kind of extreme things, I have been doing it for several years now,” he said.

Russia is like Florida’s Florida.

Hirosima Nagasakieva via HyperVocal

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