Say AHHHH To The New Star Of Your Abandoned Hospital Nightmares, Owlman

06.04.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

The scariest thing about most viral marketing campaigns is imagining some Hollywood FAT CAT agreeing to the damn thing. They’re more often than not horrible, especially for horror movies, so give director Lawrie Brewster credit for devising a clever way to promote his new film, Lord of Tears.

Rather than night-vision footage of an audience screaming at some loud noise, Brewster set up cameras in an abandoned children’s hospital in Kirkcaldy, Fife, and waited until an unfortunate looky-loo dropped by to release the Owlman (no, not the comic book character).

He says, “The St Mary’s Children’s Hospital prank was carefully set up over a period of several weeks, where we assessed how often visitors went to the hospital and what times they were most likely to appear. Once we were confident that our unfortunate victims were most likely to appear during a certain day and time, we lay in wait. We pranked about six people during the day, and the first three reactions were the most dramatic to share. Reactions were consistent with fight or flight, people either slamming doors shut, barricading and screaming at the Owlman to leave or escaping out of the hospital at top speed. (Via)

Expect Owlman to show up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! any day now.

Via the Daily Mail

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