This Scorned Pennsylvania Woman Showed A Teenage Boy Naked Photos Of His Mother

03.13.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Julie Ottaviani, a 54-year-old Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania woman (fun fact! the real location of fictional Dunder-Mifflin) was nailed with a grab bag of criminal and corruption charges after she hacked into her estranged husband’s e-mail account, stole nude photos of her husband’s girlfriend that had been taken with a cellphone, and showed those photos to the girlfriend’s teenage son. For good measure, she also murdered the kid’s puppy and urinated on the corpse. JK on that last part! That would just be crazy.

From Wilkes-Barre’s Times Leader:

Investigators said the photos were posted on the Facebook homepage of an account, under the name of Chris Richardson, which Julie Ottaviani later admitted creating. On Jan. 18, the girlfriend’s son received a friend request from the account, investigators said, and saw the photos. The boy then alerted his mother, the complaint says.

Investigators said in the complaint that Julie Ottaviani stated “I wanted to get her fired,” meaning the girlfriend, and sent the nude pictures to the girlfriend’s son because “I wanted her kid to hurt as much as mine,” the complaint says.

Damn, now that is just COLD. You know the saying, though — hell hath no fury like a woman scored? — is totally true. While this is totally crazypants and this woman is clearly in need of some serious psychological help, if you catch me on the right day and in the right mood I’d probably think, ehh? That’s not totally unreasonable.

This special lady might be in even hotter water now: Due to her new-found notoriety, she assaulted whatever the equivalent of paparazzi in Scranton is with her purse outside of a magistrate’s office earlier this week. There’s footage but it’s one of those auto-play videos that rank on the despicable level for me just below women who show teenage boys naked pictures of their mothers, so you’ll have to click through to the next page to see it.

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