Allow Scout Willis To Explain Why She Walked Around NYC Topless

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06.02.14 5 Comments
scout willis topless


Last week, the Return of Bruno’s daughter, Scout Willis, took off her shirt and walked around New York City to #FreeTheNipple. Her point was, if being topless in public is legal, why was Instagram being her breast-baring photos? She further explained her well-reasoned argument in a post for xoJane.

I am not trying to argue for mandatory toplessness, or even bralessness. What I am arguing for is a woman’s right to choose how she represents her body — and to make that choice based on personal desire and not a fear of how people will react to her or how society will judge her. No woman should be made to feel ashamed of her body.

I never claimed to believe that my actions of the past 48 hours would solve anything — far from it. But what they did achieve was to provoke conversations about gender equality and body positivity that are both necessary and sorely lacking. I am humbled to be part of any action that’s helped push the discussion of women’s rights into the spotlight. Which is where I believe it should remain, focused on what’s really important and most certainly not on me as an individual. (Via)

This is the most a Willis has cared about nipples since Color of Night.

Via xoJane

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