‘Shameless’ GIF Recap: There’s The Rub

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02.09.14 4 Comments

Last night’s Shameless had one of the darkest endings I can recall on the show.

When the season preview showed Fiona getting arrested, I had a few thoughts. Liam inhaling coke was not one of them. Yeesh! Even if Liam survives, Fiona is in some deep sh*t, as I’m pretty sure judges don’t look too kindly on mothers who let their three year olds sniff.

Meaning Lip, who is barley balancing work and college, may now have to add “Head Functioning Gallagher” to his tasks.

Kinda makes the Ian cameo a second thought. Lip and Deb go on trip to find their brother has fallen from Private to bar tender who seems to be blowing off all his problems. Ian may have his own coke problem.

Frank found out that his $100,000 isn’t coming soon, so Sheila’s boyfriend tries a ritual to ail the liver. While setting up said ritual, Frank finally spurned Carl while fawning all over his new, more useful child. At the end of the episode, Frank is unconscious, so next week may see two Gallaghers in the hospital.

On a lighter note, The Alibi finds some profits with its side rub ‘n’ tug business. Also, that dick boyfriend got roughed up after snitching on Fiona to his brother (but before providing the coke that lead to Liam’s hospital trip). Screw that guy.

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