‘Shameless’ Recap: Lies, Livers, & Licences

01.20.14 4 years ago 7 Comments


In this week’s Shameless, we deal with trust issues, college girls, and magical dicks. Good times.


  • As mentioned on a recent visit to Conan, Fiona gets into a bit of a fender bender with the company car. The bigger issue seems to be the lying to her boss boyfriend about it, as he has a silly requirement of no lies in a relationship. Fiona agrees after having a mini fit about the whole thing. I dunno, after the whole thing with Jimmy, you’d think Fiona would be up for some truth in a relationship.
  • It’s not just schoolwork that’s troubling Lip in college; it turns out he also needs to adjust his game to pick up college girls. In the end, he experiences what I’ll just assume is his first BBW, so good for him.
  • With the previous owner deceased, Kevin now owns the bar (that’s good). The books on the bar seem to be running red while the business license is outdated (that’s bad). It probably won’t be of much help to fund the two kids he’s expecting. Wait did I say two? I meant four, as Veronica is now carrying triplets. They have different reactions to the situation.



  • So, we’re just supposed to be cool with Deb hanging out with a 20 y/o male who has his own apartment? Because I’m finding it all sorts of icky.
  • Frank’s condition is getting worse. He’s in need of a new liver, but Fiona is the only available relative with a matching blood type, so that’s not gonna happen. Apparently Frank has another source.


Hopefully we’ll be seeing this new daughter next week.

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